Rejoice Ministries ~
The Church of Healing

Rejoice Ministries ~ The Church is Healing is a multicultural, multiracial non-denominational congregation established in November 2008. The mission of Rejoice Ministries is “healing, restoration, and reconciliation.” The Pastor is The Reverend Patricia A. Reeberg.

Rejoice Ministries is a welcoming congregation that believes everyone has a purpose and everyone has a ministry from God. It is a come as you are congregation because we believe the focus is not our attire but our commitment to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Rejoice Ministries is located at 101 West 123rd Street @ the corner of 123 Street and Lenox Avenue. The services begin at 9:30am with teaching. We join in song at 11:00am. Sacred Service begins at 11:30am.

Pastor Reverend Patricia A. Reeberg