Rejoice Ministries ~
The Church of Healing

Rejoice Ministries ~ The Church of Healing is a church living under the banner of God’s favor. Ezekiel 47:1 – 12 is the foundational scripture upon which Rejoice Ministries received both her vision and ministerial focus. From the beginning, we could see God’s hand moving and directing our path.  The moment God called Rejoice Ministries into existence, God has shown us both grace and glory, blessings and favor, challenges and perseverance, struggle and success. We have witnessed the miracles of God’s healing Presence each week and watched as each of us became more and more rooted and grounded in love.     

We believe God called Rejoice Ministries into existence to be a place of healing and restoration. As God’s conduits, we know our Divine Mandate is to focus our ministry on healing, prayer, restoration, and recovery.       



          Rejoice Ministries is a family of God where prayer is essential and healing is anticipated. As a multi-cultural, multi-racial welcoming congregation we are invested in making sure every ministry has a place to grow and develop.

          If you are searching for a church home, or if your soul is thirsty for the Living Water you are welcome to stop by and stay awhile. Oh, do not worry about what to wear, we are a "come as you are" congregation. We can assure you the Lord is not concerned with what is on the outside, the Lord is looking for hearts willing to serve.

          I look forward to greeting you!


Because of Christ…

I am,


The Reverend Patricia A. Reeberg